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"And the heart whispers,

Mommy. Everyone else was already in the car, but Aunt Donna had Mommy pose for this picture as the 'convoy' was leaving to come meet me at the Philadelphia airport. Pictures for posterity; ya know.

Aunt Pat, Cousin Nate and Daddy, Uncle MikeK and Aunt Donna are behind them, and G'Daddy Green and G'Mommy Green behind them walking to Terminal D where I was to arrive. Aunt Connie was walking backwards to take this picture and nearly fell and broke her neck! Silly Aunt Connie!

This is my plane's schedule. Flight Number 1776 ~ quite appropriate for arriving in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, America; don't you think? Mommy and Daddy had tracked the plane and it's course all through the night before. The plane had been ahead of schedule since it's take-off in Seoul. It remained 11 minutes early, which made everyone even more excited!

This is the lady from Welcome House giving last minute instructions to Mommy and Daddy as G'Mommy Green, Cousin Nate and Aunt Donna look on. Aunt Connie sort of got in trouble for this picture. Her camera was 'pointed' down the walkway where the passengers disembark. Because of heightened security at the airport, due to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, guests were not allowed down that way and no type of camera was allowed to be pointed in that direction. But Aunt Connie wasn't arrested ~ just sternly told 'Don't do that again'. SHHHHHH!!! Don't tell anybody!! She did it again without thinking! But no one noticed that time. Silly Aunt Connie!

I KNOW!!! You can't see it, but this is a picture of my plane when it taxied up to the terminal. You can at least see the D1, if you look closely.

Mommy and Daddy can hardly contain themselves as they await my arrival up the walkway.

Mommy held me as soon as I arrived.

Mommy, my escort Mr. Kim, Daddy and Me. Mr. Kim was responsible for me for 21 hours to make sure of my comfort, safety and safe arrival. You were right!! They do love me already! Thanks, Mr. Kim!

This is a picture of me and 'my posse'. We traveled from Korea together to our new families. I think Mommy and Daddy and the whole family were very proud of me for behaving well. I didn't cry ~ I could feel the love.

Here I am trying to talk to my cousin Nate, and Aunt Connie is flashing a camera in my face! She said something about a scrapbook.... Let it go, lady! I'll be here from now on for pictures anytime.

Mommy, Aunt Patty, Aunt Connie, ME and Daddy. Aunt Patty had Uncle MikeK take this picture. I kinda like Aunt Connie, even if she is silly. And Aunt Patty too! I don't believe I'll have any trouble getting either of them to spoil me!

Cousin Andrew, Aunt Deb, Uncle Bob, G'Daddy Green, Cousin Nate, Mommy holding me, Uncle MikeG and G'Mommy Green. They all came out to see me and welcome me to the family. Couldn't you just hug 'em.

Aunt Donna and Uncle MikeK came to welcome me too! Hey, Aunt Donna! You have a pretty smile. I think if I coo and giggle, she and Uncle MikeK would spoil me too!! Man! This could be fun!

G'Mommy is holding me while me and G'Daddy get acquainted. They are sooooo cool! I bet I won't have to do too much performing to get them to spoil me absolutely rotten....In fact, I know!

We arrived back home around 10:45p.m., which to the best of my calculations would have been around 1 or 1:30 in the afternoon Korea time. So, it was basically my afternoon nap-time. Heeehee!! I got to stay up a little longer than usual. However, I wanted to make a good impression, so I went to sleep around 1a.m. Mommy's and Daddy's time and slept for 3 hours. Didn't give them too much hassle and went back to sleep until 7a.m. my new American time.
I really like it here! And I love my new family! I have an awesome bedroom of my very own with toys and an "Ishy" beta fish. We even have a cat called Lochs. I enjoy petting him; he's so soft.

I had some visitors the next day which included Cousin Jason and Nicole and Grandpa Bucky and Aunt Patty. Uncle Toby and Aunt Connie got to come visit me that night. When they arrived, I had just woke up and was playing peek-a-boo with Mommy. I performed for Uncle Toby and Aunt Connie ~ I played with my toes, and turned over, and scooched up in my bed to suck on my teddy bear's toes. Then Uncle Toby got to hold me a little bit, but Aunt Connie took me back and gave me my bottle. Then! OH! She squirted this horrid medicine down my throat because I have a runny nose! I showed her! I only spit some of it out and not all! HA! After that, Aunt Connie and Uncle Toby had to leave! Aunt Patty took over from there and was holding me. She'll sing 'Edleweiss' to me and not squirt yucky stuff in my mouth! :)