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My first week at home was really great. I only threw one
major hissy-fit, just to let everyone know I'm here now. haha!

Daddy had to go back to work the second week. All of us were
sad about that, but he's a good role model ~ not to mention an
awesome playmate. I get very excited when he comes home and he
plays the "EEEK! EEEK! EEEK! game with me.

Mommy and I went on a few adventures this week.
She really knows how to entertain! I truly DO NOT like
that hard bucket of a thing they strap me into when we go on
adventures in the car. But, so far, I haven't been able to
scream my way out of being strapped in it. Sheesh! I'll sure be
happier if they ever turn me around so I can see where I'm
going.... Maybe Cousin Jason could explain to me why I have to
be "cuffed 'n' stuffed" in that thing like a common criminal...

We went to see G'Mommy Green and her students at
her school. They all thought I was the MOST! G'Mommy was
soooooo proud! We went to Aunt Deb's. I had a wonderful time
talking to the mooses....meese....mices.....OH!! Moose!
I got to talk to 2 of them at Aunt Deb's. Mommy has pictures and
she's going to let Aunt Connie scan them for this page; so check
back to see them.

Below are some pictures my Aunt Connie took when she came to visit me.
If you click on the itty-bitty picture, it will bring up a bigger one.

This is me and Daddy at the kitchen table. Aunt Connie brought pizza, but I didn't get any. You'll see in the next picture just what I GOT!
This is Mommy feeding me cereal. It's ok, but I'd rather have PIZZA! I tried to scooch away and get some, but that only caused the cereal in the spoon coming toward me to end up on my nose. OH, YEAH! Believe me! Later, I showed Mommy and Aunt Connie! UP MY BACK!!
After my bath and change of clothes (heeeeeheeeee), it was time to play. Here I am playing with some of my awesome toys. Since I am so active and roll and scooch all over the place, I have 2 blankets on the floor. Here I am laying on the blanket that was given to Mommy and Daddy for me and signed by their friends who attended the auction. The other blanket was given to me by Uncle Toby and Aunt Connie.
Here's me and Mommy. Where'd Mommy go? PEEK! Where'd Graham go? PEEK!
Mommy kisses are the bestest kisses!!

Click the bottle to hear
Aunt Connie's special message
for Graham




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